Thursday, October 15, 2009

New news

Is no news good news? For me, usually no. So in the hopes of creating a new beginning of sorts, I am returning to my little green blog. No longer a wedding info site. Now it's a real online journal! For a while...

New developments:

Sad stuff:

My stepfather died almost two months ago and because of this things have changed around here. I miss him terribly, more than I had imagined. And had I imagined what it would be like because he was very ill... My mother is staying with us. Not sure for how long. Maybe forever? Hmm. I love her dearly but it has been hard. We're in "adjustment mode."

Good stuff:

Ian has started shooting interviews for his long awaited, very exciting, Peter Ivers doc. Yay!

I am (sort of) studying for the GRE and getting ready to apply for a new MA program at USC...

I'm also fresh from to back to back MB projects, one in Vilnius, Lithuania and the other in NY. Check them out!

Also, two more in the works: Broke People's Baroque Peoples' Theater at GrandArts in KC, MO and a series of performances and video installation for MOCA's 30th Bday party...