Sunday, April 8, 2007

Project Report

We're starting a new project....
"My Barbarian: Gods of Canada II" for The Biennale de Montréal 2007 :

Three new flags are on the horizon. Shopped for parachute-pant -nylon and other flag-making materials, construction starts tomorrow.

Later in the evening, we travel to the City of Orange for another collaborative session with undergraduate art and drama students at Chapman University. In addition to the performance our group's been discussing, we've guided them through a creation of a giant wall co
llage. I brought in a bunch of 70s magazines and clippings to add to the stuff the kids delivered. The collage is bizarre but pretty amazing. Since the "religion" they're re/creating for the project is eco-centric, the left over semi-psychedelic imagery from these magazines really works.

We're bringing a bunch of donated rags to the session tomorrow night. The costumes will be Godspell/Sid and Marty Kroft/Mummers inspired. The parade will be filmed without sound. Original music will be recorded and added later.

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Mace said...

This project sounds great. It seems like you guys do a lot of your own costume design for your pieces. Do you have any training in costume design, or have you just learned out of necessity? I’ve really enjoyed the costumes in a lot of your work and it seems like you must spend a significant amount of time making them. Does the whole group pitch in and do their own costumes?