Thursday, June 25, 2009


Hello Wedding Invitees:

We have had a lot of inquiries about gifts for our upcoming wedding. We haven’t registered anywhere, partly because we are traveling to our own wedding and cannot really accommodate any gifts in our luggage and also because we already have a house full of everything we want or need here in Los Angeles. What we would really like is to take a trip together to the British Isles next June; something we’ve always talked about doing in our nine years together but haven’t been able to afford. Our plan is that we take our time, drive around the countryside from place to place and stay in nice ‘olde’ inns and things like that. So, we have opened a special savings account for this purpose and we would be very pleased and appreciative to accept gifts toward our belated-honeymoon fund. We know that a lot of you are traveling from far and wide to attend our wedding, so we are considering that to be a priceless gift in itself, but if you are still planning to give us something, helping to make this long-awaited voyage a reality would be a gift we would truly enjoy and cherish forever. Presentations will be accepted at the wedding reception or you can write to make other arrangements.


Ian & Jade

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