Friday, March 23, 2007

PROG BLOG: we need the goddess...

PROG AND OTHER ENJOYABLE MUSIC is a blog I've recently stumbled upon and (desperately) want to like. It could possibly be an endlessly helpful and enlightening source for obscure music. I've bookmarked the page in hopes that I could use it as a handy reference tool while searching the net for avant garde musical tidbits. While on I'd casually click over for a daily tip. I don't think it's gonna happen...

The guy (and I'm assuming he is a guy because the site absolutely lacks any Yin presence at all, aesthetically or in content) seems to be pretty knowledgeable about progressive rock music but he's missing something very important: the female vibe. It's what makes this kind of experimental music magickal and hip. It's the velvet, tie dye and glitter, the high notes warbled into a acid infused landscape of purple feathers and willow trees. You need a WITCH to cast the spell, man!

Everything he's chosen to discuss on the site, from heavy Caravan rotation to early Super Tramp, embodies the extreme nerdyness that has tainted Prog's name over the years, at least the years I've been around, paying attention to music. What saves progressive rock and makes it exciting for me is dark, quirky, feminine sex appeal. Here are a few of my favorite Ladies of Prog who posses it:

Dagmar Krause of Slapp Happy

Renate Knaup of Amon Duul II

and Gilli Smyth of GONG

more to come on this subject...

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